Magical World

Ada beamed with pride at her hard work. A doll that danced not with a incantation or sacrifice but gears. She decided today was the day she would tell her father she was messing with science. Surely he wouldn't disapprove if he saw what she could do with it?

She wound up the doll and presented it to her father.

"Isn't it wonderful? I made it all by myself."

"Please don't tell me this what you've been wasting your time doing instead of furthering your magic" her father replied

"But I've been working on it after my studies and it isn't a waste. Didn't you just see that? I made an object move with gears." She explained.

"And you could have done it in seconds with magic"

"But I worked hard on it and I'm proud of it." She said.

"Proud of what? Spending extra time to do a simple task. Why I'll do something similar right now." After saying that her father grabbed a doll and let blood spill on it.

The doll began doing the same exact dance that Ada's invention did and then stopped after a few seconds.

"I'm proud of understanding how and why this doll moves. No one understands exactly why magic works but I understand every part of this. " Ada said.

"Magic is not to be understood. It is to be adhered to. It would be better if you understood less and did more. Now go back to your room" her father said and she did.