Charon stood at her desk watching the people she controlled on surveillance cameras when she got a call from a customer.

“Which type are you looking to rent today?” She inquired.

“We need a strong one that can blend into the crowd and we're willing to pay top dollar,” the voice on the other end replied.

“I’ll let you know when I get one.” Charon said and hung up.

Now it was time for the hunt, she pressed a button to activate the intercom and ordered the person inside who couldn't be over ten years old to get the passwords of three children at the park and report them to her by the end of the day.

Aren't children so obedient? Of course they were also naive, if they had enough fun with a kid at the park there's no way they count as a stranger, especially one around their own age. So there's no need to fear giving their password away so a friend they trust could help them with schoolwork, right?

By the end of the day the child had brought back three children that fit the description Charon had given along with their password, Charon spoke their password out loud and then interrogated them about their skills at ease.

One kid said he was good at making friends, the other said he liked computers and the last said he was trained in self defense, bingo.

Charon filtered the children into three respective cells two had adults in them standing still that would be given orders to educate the children at their respective tasks. The last was put in a room alone standing perfectly still as ordered until the person who rented him out had been informed of his capture and picked him up.

Charon smiled at how self sustaining her little zoo had become and she was really glad she picked out this hobby. It started with her just doing whatever it took to gain enough money to obtain a lavish lifestyle but she soon found the feeling of control over another human being was better than owning the most expensive piece of jewelry or drinking the finest wine.

Outside she heard the sound of police sirens, she checked her security feed to see the guy who had called in to rent the kid in handcuffs next to heavily armed officers while pointing to her house. That snitch had betrayed her.

As soon as one of her bodyguards got shot dead she tearfully opened a glass case and pressed a red button; Such a waste of such a well trained pet. Her voice boomed over the intercoms to protect her even at the cost of their own lives and doors unlocked enmasse as the monitors went black.

She watched what happened next with enthusiasm, her pets were fighting for her! The ones with glasses broke them and threw glass at the attackers! The others bit ,and kicked, and fought with no subconscious restraints holding them back and they were doing all of it for her! She heard bones breaking and flesh hitting the ground but she knew her pets wouldn't give up! This must be what it felt like to truly and completely live!