two computers connecting


useful for finding new sites


A modern stumble upon clone (aka where I probably found most of these sites)

Marginalia Search

a search engine that proritizes more obscure sites


Cute Graphics

A site for hosting different cute princessy graphics.

neat sites

Invention of The Smiley Face

The person who came up with the smiley emoticon talks about it :)

The Sheep Market

Some guy paid 10,000 people to draw a sheep then put all of them on his website

Furby Summer Camp

A summer camp you could send your furby to. Absolutely delightful.

Vega Collection

A unfiction project about a ship made of meat and a mysterious collective. Contains a band called The Meatles


Fun Programs

Ukagaka / Ghosts

A cute little program for desktop companions you can interact with in different ways. (installation guide here)

Magic Mouse Trails

A program that leaves little trails behind your mouse


I'm pretty sure everyone knows what Shimejis are but I thought I'd put them here just in case. They're little customizable

desktop companions that run around your screen.